TMJ NextGeneration Device – TMJ Disorder

The TMJ Next Generation Device is a new medical breakthrough for treating TMJ Disorder pain. This treatment option is very conservative and is reversible as no teeth are affected. This Device is easily removable and simple to use. It can be worn day & night allowing for much greater success in relieving pain associated with TMJ Disorder.

Device Description

The TMJ Next Generation Device is a custom made, hollow ear canal insert, which have been cleared by the FDA

How the Device Works

The ear canal is very close to the TM joint. When you close your mouth, your ear canal naturally gets smaller. The Device maintains the volume of your ear canal and acts to keep pressure off your TM Joint.


  • Relieves TMJ pain
  • Removable & simple to use
  • Can be worn day and night
  • Doesn’t need to be replaced after dental treatment done
  • Doesn’t interfere with your speech
  • Doesn’t interfere with eating
  • Doesn’t interfere with your hearing
  • You don’t have to worry about losing it in the middle of the night while sleeping
  • They are discreet, easy to wear, easy to remove and are very comfortable

Watch TMJ NextGeneration Device Video

TMJ NextGeneration Device - Shelby Twp Dentists