Many people are familiar with cavities and know the treatment procedure, including routine cleaning exams. However, most people don’t know what happens to a tooth cavity that is left untreated! While cavities can easily be treated through simple dental procedures such as fillings, untreated cavities can potentially result in severe dental complications, which can be tough to treat.

If you don’t know what happens to an untreated tooth cavity, you are in the right place. We believe that by informing you about what transpires when you fail to treat a tooth cavity, you will go ahead and integrate proper oral hygiene into your daily routine. So, peruse the article and enhance your knowledge.

An untreated cavity is a catalyst for more cavities:

Most people think that cavities will always naturally go away. But this is far from the truth. When a cavity starts to form, the enamel will weaken because of plaque buildup on your tooth. Thankfully, you can potentially prevent cavity formation during this stage by undergoing fluoride treatment. However, if you continue to postpone your treatment, the cavity will only keep developing and eventually result in a second cavity in a relatively short period. If you didn’t know, if you fail to treat a cavity problem at the initial stage, the cavity will likely decay fairly faster, eventually spreading to your tooth’s central layer or simply the dentin.

Cavities affect your nerves:

As already explained, untreated cavities usually continue to grow. And with time, the decay will develop to a stage where it affects the structure of your tooth and reaches the tooth nerves. This results in tooth damage and can lead to lots of pain and even tooth loss.

Cavities can cause several infections:

In recent years, jaw and mouth infections caused by cavities have increased. Usually, a tooth infection is quite tough to identify simply because you can’t look through the tooth’s pulp. The most common signs or symptoms to watch out for include visible pus, swelling, or redness.

While there are ways to establish the presence of a tooth infection, experts agree that using water is arguably the best technique to employ. To do this, take a mouthful of lukewarm water and gently swish it around the infected tooth. If there is an infection, the water will significantly minimize inflammation. Of course, you’ll ultimately require an antibiotic to fend off the infection. As always, make sure you contact your local dentist immediately if you suspect you have developed an infection.

Cavities can potentially cause illness as well as fatality:

In case you didn’t know, it has been proven that an infected tooth can have severe consequences, such as sinus problems, jaw bone damage, heart issues, brain infection, and even death! However, thanks to the modern advancements in the medical sector, fatalities from the abscessed tooth are very rare.

Contact your dentist for tooth cavity treatment:

The best way to avoid costly and complex tooth cavity treatments is to visit your dentist regularly. This will help identify cavity problems early enough and ensure you get the right treatment, allowing you to keep your beautiful smile at all times.

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