Total Health and Wellness Dentistry

At our Practice we are committed to a practicing dentistry with a total health and wellness philosophy.  What does that mean?  A more biocompatible approach is the hallmark of Wellness Dentistry. In using that term, we are not attempting to create a new specialty for dentistry, but rather to describe an attitude and philosophy that can apply to all facets of dental practice, and to health care in general: to always seek the least toxic way to accomplish the mission of treatment, to do it while treading as softly as possible on the patient’s biological terrain, and to most importantly, treat our patients as individuals.

Wellness Dentistry, in short, is traditional dentistry enhanced by extensive training in how dental procedures and materials affect the human body over the short and long term. We believe that dentistry should be based on peer-reviewed science – not on history and tradition alone.  As responsible practitioners, we must always remain open to new ideas supported by reliable research. The materials and techniques used should be biologically compatible and support the tenet of the Hippocratic Oath: “first, do no harm.”  We do not accept conventional wisdom or age-old paradigms just because things have always been done that way. We continuously review current scientific research, explore new information and find new and better solutions to old problems.

As a result of our Total Health and Wellness approach to the practice of dentistry, we are a mercury free, mercury safe, and latex free practice.  To us, the best way to describe Wellness Dentistry is Individualized Dentistry.  It is dentistry that is completely focused on You. Not just who you are in terms of your teeth and oral health, but also who you are as a whole person physiologically, emotionally, and dentally.  Since every person does not react the same way to the same procedures, medications, or materials, why should we treat every person the same way?  We do not just treat teeth and oral disease at our Practice.  We treat People! And in our experience, every person is unique and different in their own ways

Mercury Free Dentistry

Amalgams Before Removal 2Amalgams After Removal and Replaced with Composite 2