How To Manage Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS)BMS is a condition where one gets a burning sensation in the mouth. The burning feeling can occur suddenly, and you can feel it almost in any part of the mouth.

Almost everyone has one or more times scolded their mouth when drinking a hot cup of coffee or any other too hot liquid. The resulting pain is a temporary feeling, while that of BMS lasts long.

In the US, burning mouth syndrome affects about 5% of its population. Although it can affect any part of the mouth, the commonly affected areas are the lower lip, the tongue’s upper parts, and the mouth’s roof. In addition, you may also get a dry, rough sensation in the mouth, and your taste buds change.

Causes Of BMS

The main cause of BMS is not yet clear. However, some studies show that this is a neuropathic condition. The studies suggest that the condition results from the patient’s nerves’ failure to process or transmit information accordingly. Thus, the nervous system gets a short circuit forcing the brain not to turn off its pain receptors.

In addition to the potential harm BMS has to the nervous system, it might also be triggered by:

· Acid reflux

· Oral candidiasis

· Hormonal imbalance with women who are in menopause and post-menopause being more susceptible

· Iron, Vitamin B12, and zinc deficiencies

· Underlying illnesses such as diabetes or current medication

· Sensitivity or allergy to dentures or some of the ingredients used in some kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes

It is worth noting that a link exists between BMS, depression, and anxiety. However, there needs to be further research to determine whether the above illnesses cause a burning mouth or whether the physical signs lead to depression, insomnia, or anxiety.

Options For Treating Burning Mouth Syndrome

Your doctor needs to review your medical records and perform a physical exam. Further, they may also undertake blood tests to determine whether you have nutritional challenges such as vitamin or mineral deficiencies and infections.

The doctor will also examine the blood for health issues such as diabetes and thyroid problems. An allergy test is another thing your doctor might examine in addition to testing for oral candidiasis through an oral swab.

The best treatment method depends on the underlying cause of BMS. The doctor will recommend medication for dry mouth in cases that result from dry mouth. Where BMS is caused by mineral or vitamin deficiency, they will recommend the appropriate supplements. At the same time, you will need to stop using the toothpaste or mouthwash triggering this neuropathic condition.

When health problems cause BMS, treating or managing the illness will help alleviate the pain.

Some home remedies for relieving BMS symptoms include avoiding acidic foods and alcohol and stopping smoking tobacco. Incorporating lifestyle habits such as drinking more water can also help reduce the symptoms.


Burning mouth syndrome can be pretty uncomfortable. But if you are suffering from this neuropathic condition, do not worry. It can be managed or treated effectively depending on the underlying cause. Visit a health practitioner and dentist with vast experience for examination and effective treatment.

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