A smile is a very simple thing that means a lot.  It can transform the world around you and revive the lonely spirit of a person.  Having crooked or misaligned teeth can have a serious impact on your confidence and your life.  There are many reasons that inspire people to change and improve their smile. Are you the only one not smiling in your holiday photos?  Do you feel self conscious when meeting someone new or giving a presentation at work?  You are not alone, with surveys showing that a huge proportion of people in the Western world would change something about their smile if they had the chance.  From aging baby boomers to brides and grooms-to-be to job seekers, patients are getting the smile they’ve always wanted.  New research has shown more than half of brides-to-be and about 40% of grooms-to-be consider cosmetic dentistry.  About 60% of women have considered teeth whitening and 75% of men have considered porcelain veneers.

With the recession underway and thousands of people out of work, the job hunt has become more and more competitive.  While a great resume, strong interview skills and a solid work history play a role in the interview process, looks still matter.  A recent telephone survey indicates that 73% of working women believe that their good looks help them climb up the corporate ladder quickly; 80% of working women agree that cosmetic procedures can increase self-confidence and self-esteem, making it much easier to perform better at the job (especially in ‘visible’ positions such as sales, marketing or PR), and to get another job quickly.

At our practice in Family & Cosmetic Dental Practice in Shelby Township, Michigan, we have had more requests recently for services like teeth whitening and even porcelain veneers.  People want to feel confident in life, when they walk in the room for an interview, when they walk down the aisle, or when the meet someone new; they want to put on their best smile.  If their teeth are stained or crooked, they may not feel comfortable doing that.  A lot of their true personality can be hidden behind a tarnished smile.

At HPS Advanced Dental Care, we see many patients who are looking to improve their smile.  A simple procedure like whitening the teeth can take years off of someone’s appearance.  In today’s career marketplace, every little edge helps.

Our Practice offers many different options for people who want to brighten their smile or straighten crooked teeth.  Clear braces like Invisalign are a popular alternative for teens and adults looking for a discreet way to straighten teeth.  And in as little as 1 hour, patients can get brighter, whiter teeth, with the removal of stains caused by tobacco, coffee, red wine, soda and more.

Having the renewed confidence that a new, perfect smile can bring can transform your life.