Flossing is one of the most ignored parts of dental care by most people. More than a third of Americans don’t floss their teeth daily, even though it is a recommendation by most dentists.

If you belong to this category, here are five significant benefits you will get if you start flossing today.

Better Dental Hygiene

We cannot emphasize enough the reasons to observe proper dental care. Even after brushing your teeth daily, you are less likely to remove all the food particles between the teeth. The toothbrush pushes some food between the teeth instead of removing them.

By flossing twice daily, you remove any particles left between your teeth, promoting proper dental hygiene. As such, flossing is an essential addition to your daily dental care routine. Have some floss picks in your car, pocket, or bag to avoid forgetting to floss.

Disease Prevention

A balanced diet and regular exercise are highly recommended and regarded as adequate for disease prevention. Even so, other things, such as proper dental health, are vital in promoting overall health. This is because all that we consume passes through the mouth, and thus, having significant amounts of bacteria in the mouth means that they will be ingested with the food and eventually get into the bloodstream.

Poor dental health can contribute to cardiovascular illnesses and Alzheimer’s, among other neurological disorders. Thus, it is essential to observe proper dental care.

Gum Protection

It would be best to care for your gums because they are crucial to your dental health. One of the effective ways of doing so is by flossing daily. Removing food that remains in the mouth can help prevent gum infections such as gingivitis.

Enhances The Benefits Of Brushing

Brushing teeth is good, but on its own, it is not fully effective in removing food particles. The particles left lodged between the teeth after brushing attract bacteria, leading to dental cavity problems.

When you floss, you remove these food particles that brushing can’t reach. Upon flossing, brush your teeth to remove the food particles that flossing has dislodged. If unable to brush after flossing, gargle mouthwash; it will help.

Saves Money

Floss will cost you around $5 a month. While this might seem expensive, it is minimal compared to treating diseases such as dental cavities resulting from having food particles stuck in the mouth.

In addition, not flossing daily promotes bacteria growth in the mouth, which can lead to tooth decay or even loss. The cost of replacing lost teeth is high since it involves procedures such as root canals and dental implants. These procedures are not only costly but also invasive. To avoid such, brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash often, besides having regular dental checkups.


Flossing enhances dental health, and by incorporating it into your dental care routine, you get the above significant benefits. Impressively, it only takes a short time. For optimal results, learn to use the appropriate flossing techniques.

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