Causes of Tooth Decay and CavitiesCavities are a very common problem. The good news is it’s easily preventable as well. But the question remains – what are the causes of cavities? Well, in this article, we will answer that question.

The best ways to avoid getting cavities and save yourself from tooth decay is by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth.

Tooth Decay

It is a common misconception that children are the only ones who face tooth decay. The truth is that age does not matter. You can become a victim of tooth decay at any age. There is a silver lining here. If you keep up with your regular oral care routine and avoid cavity-causing foods, you will not have to face tooth decay.

What Exactly Is Tooth Decay?

The condition that causes your teeth to break down and get damaged is known as tooth decay. A tooth has three layers – the center is known as the pulp, the hard outer layer is the enamel, and the layer in the middle is called dentin. Decay can affect all these layers. Your teeth‘s damage worsens as the cavity impacts a layer.

If left untreated, tooth decay can cause infection, severe pain, and loss of tooth as well. It can also affect your self-esteem and confidence. If the cavity gets infected with an abscess, you might be at risk of getting a serious life-threatening infection. Prevention is always better than cure.

Causes of Tooth Decay

Have you ever noticed the sticky film that covers your teeth? That’s plaque – bacteria that affects the tooth enamel by converting sugars into acids. The sugary drinks and foods affect the teeth more. If you consistently eat or drink sugary foods and beverages, the acid will settle down on your enamel and cause decay. That decay is also known as cavities.

Who Can Get Cavities?

Like we said before, getting cavities has nothing to do with age. People of all ages are at risk of getting cavities. The chances of getting cavities increase when you:

  • Consume sugary drinks and foods regularly
  • Take medications that give you a dry mouth
  • Have weaker enamel because of a childhood illness or genetics
  • Don’t practice good oral hygiene
  • Don’t brush your teeth at least twice a day

Signs of Tooth Decay

Following are the signs that indicate you might be suffering from tooth decay:

  • Loose fillings
  • Bad breath
  • Spots on teeth
  • Pain and discomfort while chewing

Preventive Measures

There are a few preventive measures you can take that will help you stay away from tooth decay and cavities:

  • Floss your teeth once a day and brush after every meal
  • Avoid beverages and foods that are too sugary
  • Drink plenty of water as it washes away bacteria from your mouth
  • Make regular visits to your dentist

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