Dental Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Smile Bright and HealthyAs the American Dental Association winds down February 2020’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, it is important that parents didn’t miss any of the helpful tips and messaging that was shared throughout February 2020 regarding achieving and maintaining their children’s oral health.

During this observance period of the importance of children’s oral health, many guidelines and suggestions were provided for education as well as reinforcement.

Following is a brief recap of the most important points parents need to know in order to assure their children’s teeth – and smiles – remain healthy and bright.  

This information is vital for parents of infants and young children as tooth decay in early childhood is affecting more children that those affected by asthma. It’s now considered the most common of all chronic childhood diseases.  This statement is supported by the report that, upon entering kindergarten, more than 40% of school-age children are affected by tooth decay.

Baby Teeth

Baby teeth serve an important function – they preserver the space needed for children’s permanent teeth. Remaining in a baby’s mouth until they are about 8 – 10 years old, baby teeth have an effect on how a child chews, speaks, and of course – smiles.  They can also be an indicator of how healthy the child is overall. If decay in baby teeth is neglected, it can lead to an oral infection that can possibly move into the bloodstream. This can cause much graver health problems and can prompt the spreading of bacteria to adult teeth.

Even if parents brush their child’s baby teeth daily, tooth decay-causing bacteria can still remain in between the teeth in the area the toothbrush isn’t reaching. So, flossing must be included in very child’s daily brushing regimen.

Baby bottle tooth decay – This is a risk in young children less than a year old and infants. If a child drinks sugary liquid acid can be produced. This acid harms the bay teeth’s enamel which can prompt toot decay. The liquids that can cause baby bottle tooth decay are wide raining and include soda, sweetened drinks, formula, milk, and fruit juice.  The best liquid to put in a bottle to help your child sleep is water.

The first dentist visit

There is no such thing as being in a hurry to pay attention to the oral health of your child. And, as far as taking your child to their first dentist appointment and meeting his or her details for the first time, schedule the appointment when they get their first tooth or have their very first birthday.

During this initial visit, you can ask your dentist all sorts of questions and express any concerns you may have. Your dentist will examine your child’s gums and swab around his or her mouth to ensure their teeth, gums and forthcoming teeth are healthy. This is when your dentist will also give your insight into your child’s teeth and gums and guide you on how best to assure your child will have healthy teeth, gums and a bright and happy smile.

Shelby Township, MI Dental Tips for Children

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