Dental Water Flosser Recommended by Shelby Township Dental Hygienist

Hi, my name is Nicki and I’m a registered dental hygienist here at HPS Advanced Dental Care, located in Shelby Township, Michigan.  Today I’d like to talk to you about a popular dental product that I recommend to a lot of my dental patients and that is known as the waterpik. It’s also known as the water flosser.  That is because it is used to disperse water in between the gums and get underneath the gums to remove plaque and bacteria that we can’t reach with our normal tooth brushing habits.

I recommend this to a lot of my dental patients because it helps to remove that plaque. It  removes loose plaque so I recommend definitely using it in conjunction with your normal flossing habits because it won’t remove dental plaque that’s already adhered to the tooth surface. So I definitely recommend this for dental patients who are periodontally involved and have those deeper pockets. It will help to remove that plaque and bacteria and maintain a healthy environment in the oral cavity.

I also recommend it for children who have orthodontics and have braces, and they don’t typically have very good oral hygiene habits, so it works very well for them to remove the plaque from the gum line and in between the teeth where they’re having trouble getting to.

I also recommend for the patients who are periodontally involved, you can put anything in this tank. A lot of times we’ll recommend clorhexidine, which is an antibiotic prescription that we recommend to help to kill the bacteria for the dental patients who are in a moderate, more severe periodontal state. You can also put Listerine in this as well. That might help to kill some bacteria as well.

Dental Water Flosser Recommended by Shelby Township Dental Hygienist

So if you have any questions or if you are interested in purchasing one of these, we always offer these in our office. Our number is 248-652-0024. Hope to see you soon.