Hi, I’m Suzy a dental hygienist at HPS Advanced Dental Care in Shelby Township, Michigan. We’re an all female dental practice in Macomb County.

We are BPA free, gluten free, mercury free and latex free. We provide a holistic approach to taking care of our dental patients, so if that’s you, please come see us.

I’m also gonna talk about 6 reasons why flossing is so important.

  • First, it’s to prevent tooth decay. Removing the bacteria in between the teeth that only dental floss can remove.
  • Second, you wanna prevent gum disease. Gingivitis occurs on the plaque around the gums. And, it’s harmful. So therefore, you wanna get that out and remove all the plaque after every time we eat, to get the bacteria out of the mouth to prevent future gum problems.
  • Three, we want to prevent halitosis, which is bad breath. Dental plaque is one of the causes of halitosis. And if it’s left between your teeth it will generate a bad smell in your mouth. So that is a good way to remove the bacteria and food in between the teeth. And then also it prevents tartar buildup. Tartar is actually dental plaque that has become hard from the saliva’s calcifying actions. So if we remove it we.
  • Four, flossing daily is going to help prevent the tartar from building up, the less your dental hygienist has to remove.
  • Five, reduces the risk of heart disease, because the mouth is an entry point of harmful bacteria that may eventually reach the heart through the bloodstream and cause heart disease complications through the dental plaque.
  • Six, avoid the complications of diabetes. There’s scientific evidence that people who suffer from diabetes can have their condition complicated by gum disease. So it’s very important to floss daily and brush to remove all the bacteria.

For more information on the reasons why flossing is so important or to schedule your next dental appointment please give us a call at 248-652-0024.