Helpful Tips on How to Brush Your Teeth with BracesIf you recently got braces put on your teeth, you may find it challenging to brush your teeth properly. You have to take care of wires, brackets, and teeth. Suddenly this feels like a lot of work. Unfortunately, the internet seems to have a lot of information, but very little of it is practical. We created this brief, practical guide to show you how to brush your teeth with braces.

Braces make it hard to clean food particles, but this shouldn’t be a reason for you not to take the time to ensure your teeth are clear of all food leftovers. Here are helpful tips to make brushing teeth with braces easier:

Brush twice

Typically, we brush our teeth once in a session, but you may find it harder to remove all food remains with braces on. That’s why brushing twice helps. Go over your teeth once and wait for a minute or two before brushing again. The first round is meant to loosen up stuck food particles between the metals, while the second round is intended to clean them.

Use mouthwash after eating

While we’re advised to brush our teeth after every meal, it isn’t practical since we cannot carry toothbrushes and toothpaste everywhere we go. However, having a bottle of mouthwash is a bit realistic. When you have braces, make it a habit to swish mouthwash after a meal to help dislodge and loosen food particles stuck in your hardware.

Floss often

Your toothbrush will not be able to get to every bracket and wire, and this is where flossing comes in to help prevent the formation of plaques. Find a floss threader – it will make flossing easier.

Use Waterpik

Regular brushing may not remove all the food bits in hard-to-reach areas, and this is where Waterpiks come in. These tools, available in corded and cordless models, do a great job of removing plaque.

Brush in an angled way

Instead of brushing in forward-backward motions, you should try to brush in a down-up manner for a better toothbrush head contact. Angling your toothbrush against your brackets will be more effective at dislodging food particles stuck between braces.

Keep off troublesome foods

Sugary and highly-acidic foods damage your tooth enamel. Also, sticky foods can be troublesome to brush off the braces. Try to avoid them altogether.

Brush gently

While aggressive brushing may seem to get debris and stuck-on food particles from your braces, it can loosen your brackets. Therefore, be gentle when brushing your teeth and use a small-headed toothbrush with softer bristles.

Always brush your tongue

With or without braces you should always brush your tongue since it holds a lot of bacteria that may find their way to your braces. Brushing your tongue also helps to reduce bad breath.

Bottom Line

The truth is that braces make brushing harder, meaning you have to step up and take your time to brush them thoroughly. The above tips can make it easier for you. Also, many products on the market, such as a Waterpik, make it easier for you to care for your teeth and braces.

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