How to Overcome Dental Chair AnxietiesOver 300 dentists were asked the behavior of their patients, and one thing stood out – more than � of dental patients had attempted to treat themselves at home before booking an appointment with them. Among the home-based solutions reported in the survey included using super glue to fix broken dentures and crowns, administrating root canal on their own and filing down chipped teeth using emery boards. All these are due to avoid sitting on the dreaded dentist’s chair.

Discomfort and general distress brought by dental examinations when you have cavities and growth of crowns give some people cold feet when it comes to going to dental clinics.

However, this can be detrimental, especially if you fail to get regular dental checkups for a long time. If you develop anxieties whenever you think of dental appointments, we’ve rounded up tips for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Find Comfortable Time

You should set an appointment at the time you feel comfortable and convenient. Avoid feeling pressured or rushed to go the dentist. If Saturday afternoon is the right time for you, do it them. This will help you avoid unnecessary stress.

Tell Your Dentist about Your Nervousness

Every dentist aims to make their patients as comfortable as possible, and thus by telling them you’re nervous or upset will make them go a step further to making sure you’re relaxed. In addition, the talk you’ll have about your nervousness will help instill trust and bond, and this can help mitigate your fear.

Listen to Music

The sound of the drill can heighten your anxieties. That’s why you can bring your earbuds to the examination chair and turn up the music. You can ask the dentist to tap you when it’s time to spit.

Use Your Imagination

When anxiety come calling when in that dentist chair, close your eyes and activate your imagination prowess. Imagine yourself watching the sunset, seeing your kids play in the backyard, taking that straw on the beach, etc. Imagination has been proven to be a powerful tool in helping overcome anxiety and phobia.

Sniff a Floral Scent

It has been proven that aromatherapy can help calm down dental fears. Therefore, dab your handkerchief with a few drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender and keep sniffing it whenever you feel tensed. You can also carry scented eye pillow mask. This will not only calm you down but also block out the blinding overhead lights.

Try Muscle Relaxation Technique

While in the dentist chair, work different muscle groups, starting with your feet and relax. You can do this by tightening a muscle group for 15seconds before relaxing while exhaling. After a minute, choose another muscle group and do the same. Repeat this until the examination period is over. The point here is to keep your mind occupied.

Hold Something

For kids, cuddling a teddy bear helps to ease their anxiety. As an adult, you can choose to hold a stress relief ball or a worry stone and squeeze it during the examination. Another technique is to wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it whenever your mind feel trapped.

Request to Get Anesthesia or Anti-Anxiety Medication

If you can’t rest no matter how you try, talk to your dentist and request them to give you anti-anxiety medicine. Also, tell them beforehand if you have taken an over-the-counter or prescription medication. Tell them if you have a chronic medical condition too.

The bottom line here is, you should psych yourself up for dental visits. Don’t let anxiety make you avoid dental trips as regular dental care is crucial. We do hope the above tips will make your next visit an easier one than the previous one.

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