How to Spot Good Dental Products in the Grocery Store

How to Spot Good Dental Products in the Grocery StoreTaking care of your oral health has an impact on your overall health.  Along with eating healthy and exercising daily, it’s just as important to properly care for your teeth and mouth daily.  Fortunately, every grocery store has an aisle full of oral care products claiming to be the best solution for your oral health.  This week’s dental article provides you with some information to help you find the best oral product that’s right for you.


Toothbrushes help prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria in your mouth.  Daily brushing of your teeth, gums, and tongue is critical to your oral health.  One of the main factors consumers consider when deciding on which toothbrush to purchase is the bristles.  If you select a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard, it could result in damaging your teeth and gums.  This is especially true for sensitive teeth.  So, when picking the right toothbrush for you, consider choosing one with soft bristles and a small head so it can easily move around in your mouth to remove food debris in the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.  Also, be sure you select a toothbrush that is comfortable to hold.

The consensus among dentists is that an electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual toothbrush at removing plaque and keeping your gums healthy.  Another advantage of an electric vs manual toothbrush is it does make it easier to brush your teeth if you have arthritis or another medical issue that limits your mobility.


The primary purpose of most kinds of toothpaste is to help remove or reduce the plaque on your teeth and bad breath.  Some products also promote the product to help with whitening your teeth.  It’s important to select a product that has a fluoride composition that protects your tooth’s enamel and helps protect it from gum disease and tooth decay.  One thing to proactively look for on each product is the American Dental Association’s Sea of Acceptance.  This seal confirms the fluoride toothpaste meets the ADA’s criteria for safety and effectiveness.


Mouthwash serves several purposes including not only freshening your breath but also helping to fight gum disease and tooth decay, whitening your teeth, removing plaque, and some are also effective in cleaning your tongue. They come in many varieties with some having hydrogen peroxide and some alcohol-free.  Which mouthwash is right depends on your dental needs.   Preventive mouthwashes have fluoride and if you want an antiseptic mouthwash, you should select one with chlorhexidine which helps prevent the buildup of plaque on your teeth.

Dental Floss

We all have heard we should floss our teeth at least 1-2 times daily.  The reason being is dental floss helps dislodge food that your toothbrush can’t reach.  Keeping your mouth healthy and clean.  If you find yourself having difficulty with dental floss string, then we would recommend you use dental picks as an alternative.  Dental picks do make it easier to reach the back teeth and don’t require you to wrap floss around your fingers to remove food.  Dental floss comes either waxed or unwaxed.  Waxed dental floss and dental picks work better if you have tight spaces between your teeth or if you have sensitive gums.

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