Hi, I’m Dr. Heather of HPS Dental, located in Macomb County, Michigan. I want to talk a little bit today about mouth guards. Its sports mouth guards in particular. We have had some patients in the past that have come in after playing hockey, or basketball, football. I’m trying to think of the other sports that they come in with, what they were playing, and broke a tooth, or the tooth has actually come out of the socket. It always seems like it happens right after Mom and Dad has just paid for four years of braces or something. They just got their braces off. And then they got into some terrible sports related accident. So I want to talk a little bit about the importance of mouth guards. They’re very important to wear when you’re playing some sort of contact sport. Or a sport that, even if it’s not a contact sport, like baseball. I know my husband played baseball in college and he got hit in the mouth with a baseball and broke his tooth. So even in a sport like baseball it’s important, even though it’s not considered a contact sport. Sports like that are even important to protect your teeth so that, even though we’ll be more than happy to help you if had some sports related injury we like to prevent them if we can.

We have patients asking us a lot of times you know, what are our different choices? You can go to sports authority, or a sporting goods store to buy one of these boil and bite mouth guards and those do work. At least it’s some protection. Typically what we find from our patients is that they don’t tend to like them as well because they don’t fit very well. They’re not custom made. But that’s at least a decent option to wear, so you can at least try something like that out. If your child or you aren’t really liking the fit of some like what we call boil and bite mouth guards, you can come to our office we can take just quick impressions and make you a more custom made mouth guard that will stay in and it doesn’t keep falling out so that your child doesn’t have to be biting on the mouth guard. It just kind of pops in and stays in, but at least it’s helping to protect their teeth. If you have any questions give us a call at 248-652-0024.

HPS Dental Discusses the Importance of Mouth Guards