3 Vital Oral Care Tips For AthletesBeing an athlete, regardless of your sport or skill level, can be overwhelming. You not only need to dedicate lots of your energy and time to the sport, but you’ll also have to burn lots of calories. As an athlete, you need extra nutrients to replenish the ones used during periods of activity.

If you are an athlete, you should take care of your dental health both on and off the pitch. Generally, most sportspeople are conscious about their exercise regimen and what they consume. Experts agree that you should incorporate dental care into your daily routine as an athlete. It would be quite shameful to miss a game or even a training session because you are receiving treatment for a particular dental problem. Below we share three crucial things that you should do to your teeth as an athlete.

A mouthguard should be part of the sports uniform:

Just like a helmet protects your head against injury, a mouthguard will do a great job in protecting your tongue, teeth, lips, jaw as well as face from all sorts of contact injuries. So, it would be a huge mistake to engage in any sport without a mouthguard. And while mouthguards are available in a variety of sizes and colors, choosing the best one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t matter what type of mouthguard you go for, provided it fits your mouth properly.

Most users say that they often feel a bit awkward when they wear a mouthguard for the first time, but feel uneasy without them after getting used to these devices. It’s worth noting that most sports won’t permit you to play without them. For instance, USA Hockey demands that all young players must wear a mouthguard. What’s more, they have to be visible enough for referees to see them, and they should be colored.

Stay away from sugary sports drinks:

You’ll inevitably lose water and energy while playing any sport and you’ll need to replenish all these. If you need water to quench your thirst, go for water as opposed to sports drinks. In case you dint know, sports drinks feature lots of sugar. And the chances are high that the bacteria that resides in your mouth will utilize the sugar from your favorite sports drink to manufacture an acid that weakens your enamel, enhancing your risk of dental cavities.

Research shows that most professional athletes are aware of the danger that sports drinks pose to their oral health. What’s more, the diets of these professionals are highly balanced and contain very small amounts of sugar.

Regularly brush, floss, rinse, and repeat!

If you want to boost your smile, confidence, and overall oral health, you must regularly brush and floss your teeth. It has been proven that the chances of an unhealthy tooth getting damaged in the event of a sports injury are relatively high. After all, a tooth that has experienced significant decay, as well as extensive fillings, will not be as healthy and as robust as one that hasn’t experienced any decay and has not had any fillings.

You should brush two times daily for two minutes and floss at least once daily. This is the surest way to have a healthy and confident smile. Then in between your oral routine, you may use an ADA-approved mouthwash.

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