Why HPS Dental Uses BPA Free FillingsAlthough daily dental care and regular dental check-ups are important, there are times when cavities cannot be prevented.  More than likely, you’ll make an appointment, get your cavity taken care of, and may not think twice about it.  However, did you know that your dental fillings may be putting you at risk?  In this article we will discuss silver fillings, BPA fillings and the risks involved as well as an alternative option.

Brief Overview of Silver Fillings

Most people don’t realize that their silver fillings are made of 50% mercury.  Some dental offices will call these fillings “silver fillings”, even though they are not made of silver; rather mercury.  Some dental offices have stopped using silver fillings because of toxicity concerns, but not all.  Why does mercury matter?  Mercury can impact the human body by vapor passing through the fillings and make its way into your nervous system.  Your nervous system impacts you neurological, immunological and psychological well being.  Any time these vapors are stimulated (i.e. brushing your teeth, eating or drinking, etc.) they are entering your system.

Although you may not have silver fillings, you must know that not all composite fillings are safe either.  Composite fillings and bonding’s that are made up of dental resin, contain BPA.  Similar to silver fillings releasing toxins, BPA fillings do the same.

BPA Free Option

At HPS Advanced Dental Care, we take pride that our office utilizes composite BPA free fillings.  Do not assume that your composite fillings are BPA free.  BPA is an endocrine disruptor; which means it can interfere with the hormones your body produces.  Although the amount of BPA found in fillings is small, we strongly recommend going with a BPA free option, so your body is not exposed to BPA on a daily basis.  If your current dentist uses BPA fillings, you may want to switch to a holistic dentist.  This is one way to know that your dentist is conscious of procedures and materials they are using for your treatment.

What Are the Benefits of BPA Free Fillings?

When getting a BPA free filling, the amount of healthy tooth that gets removed will be minimal.  It is best to preserve as much of the patient’s natural tooth as possible.  Strength will be restored when it bonds to the tooth and it is more stable than a mercury filling.  Also, it is less likely to fracture with temperature changes that typically would weaken the fillings.  From an aesthetic point of view, composite fillings will look like your existing tooth, making them unnoticeable.

Here at HPS Advanced Dental Care, it is our desire to make sure your health is not compromised by your dental work.  We are a holistic dental office located in Shelby Township, Michigan that utilizes BPA-Free composite dental fillings.  If you would like to learn more about our practice and what we believe in, or have any questions regarding BPA Free Composite fillings, please feel free to give us a call!  We can be reached at 248-652-0024.