Important Vacation Tips For Your Dental Health

Whether you are planning for your summer vacation, or are heading out the door today, it’s crucial to keep your oral health in mind. Maintaining good dental health while traveling might sound like a straightforward task. Simply carry your toothbrush and a reel of floss. However, it’s worth noting that there is more to keeping your teeth and mouth in general healthy while traveling! Below are proven tips to help you maintain your oral health while traveling.

  • Create time for a dental exam: You need to understand that prevention isn’t only about taking care of your teeth. It’s also about creating a healthy relationship with your dentist. And this involves scheduling your next appointment before your planned travel. Your dentist should conduct a thorough dental exam to ensure any lingering issues are identified before they actually occur. This will not only give you the much-needed peace of mind, but will also allow your dentist to have the most recent information about the health of your pearly whites.
  • In case of emergency: Dental emergency issues will always happen and this is why you want to have your dentist’s contact info on your mobile phone. If you feel that you need to talk to your dentist, don’t hesitate to do so even for a second. In case you didn’t know, more dental emergency issues can easily be resolved over the phone than you can imagine. As a patient, it can be tough knowing the difference between a problem that requires immediate attention and one that can wait until you get home. And this is where having your dentist’s contact info proves handy!
  • Forgot your toothbrush? If for whatever reason you forgot to pack your toothbrush, don’t fret. Experts agree that you can rinse vigorously with clean water to remove a portion of that cavity-causing bacteria. What’s more, you could put your toothpaste on a clean piece of cloth or your clean finger in a pinch. Of course, make sure you purchase a toothbrush at your earliest opportunity. Just make sure that the product features the ADA Acceptance Seal!
  • Carefully package your toothbrush: You are always told to let your toothbrush air dry to keep it clean at home. However, it may not be possible to achieve this while on vacation. According to dental experts, keeping your toothbrush clean and ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with anything else is more important than making sure it’s dry while traveling. With a resealable plastic bag at your disposal, you can isolate your toothbrush from other stuff inside your luggage. When you finally reach your destination, pop it open and allow it to air dry!
  • Bring with you an ADA-Accepted chewing gum: It has been proven that chewing sugar-free gum may help alleviate ear pressure during a flight. What’s more, it may help prevent cavities. According to research, chewing sugarless gum for at least 20 minutes after a meal can help keep cavities at bay. This is because it helps eliminate cavity-causing bacteria. Just make sure you purchase sugarless gum that features the ADA Seal of Acceptance.
  • When in doubt, use bottled water to brush: If you travel to an area where the quality of water isn’t great, feel free to use bottled water. Don’t use the local water to clean your teeth. And should that water finds its way to your toothbrush, consider getting a new one immediately. If you are unable to purchase a new one, just rinse the toothbrush thoroughly using your bottled water to minimize your chances of falling sick.
  • Resume normalcy after getting back: If you failed to stick to your dental care routine while on vacation, don’t worry! When you finally get home, just resume your normal routine of brushing your teeth and flossing two times daily for two minutes and everything will be fine!

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