Dental Xrays and Oral Health - Shelby Twp., DentistDid you ever wonder why your dentist takes x-rays of your teeth and mouth every year? Even if your teeth are really healthy and you’re one of those people that never has an issue with their teeth, we still take a full set of x-rays every year. Believe it or not, this practice is really important for us, as your dentist, to ensuring that the care we give you is complete, and that we are catching problems that may be hiding below the surface of your teeth or gums, early.

X-Ray Basics

Before we discuss why x-rays are important to your dental health, it’s important to understand some of the basics of the x-rays that we take. Most patients only need x-rays on an annual basis. However, we may take x-rays more frequently if you have a history of or are undergoing treatment for periodontal disease. We may also take biannual x-rays if we are watching a spot on your teeth that is showing disease, or decay.

The x-rays that we take during your regular visits cover your teeth and the jaw and gum structures closest to your teeth. If you are having more substantial issues we may recommend more extensive x-rays that show more of your mouth, jaw and sinuses. X-rays should never hurt, and you shouldn’t be concerned about exposure to radiation. We use protective equipment and limit the number of x-rays you receive so your exposure is low and infrequent.

Early Exposure

Probably the most useful benefit of x-rays for your dentist, is to catch potential dental health issues early. X-rays can show early signs of decay, damages to the root and other issues like cysts and abscesses that can be painful or indicate more serious problems with your dental health. X-rays can show parts of your teeth that your dentist can’t see easily by just looking into your mouth, including in between your teeth and the bone under your gums, so your dentist can find problems when they are small, and before you may even notice an issue. Catching these issues early can be the difference between a simple filling or an antibiotic to fix an infection, and more substantial dental repairs or dental surgery.

Watch Teeth Grow

X-Rays are important for your child’s dental health, as well. Your local dentist will take x-rays of your child’s teeth and mouth to watch how their teeth are growing in the jaw. These x-rays allow us to determine if baby teeth will need to be extracted for an adult tooth, or if your child’s mouth and jaw will benefit from braces or other alignment techniques to get their teeth to fit. As your child gets older, we will use x-rays to monitor the development of their wisdom teeth, so that we can help you and your child make an educated decision on whether to keep them or have them extracted.

Aide to Dental Work

If we are going to be performing dental work in your mouth, we will often take x-rays just prior to the procedure to help aide us in the work we are doing. X-rays allow us to see many of the important structures in your teeth, mouth and jaw. Knowing exactly where they are when we are working in your mouth makes our job easier, and your visit more comfortable.

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At HPS Advanced Dental Care, we pride ourselves on giving each patient the best, most comfortable dental care possible. Regular x-rays are a part of this care, and are essential to helping us provide you with early detection of problems and helping to keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright. To schedule an appointment at our Shelby Township dental office for a cleaning or to learn more about our practice, please call us today at (248) 652-0024.