How to Deal With a Permanent Tooth Coming LooseEven with daily brushing and regular dental checkups, an adult tooth can become loose. Do you have a wiggly tooth or a few loose teeth? This can signal an underlying dental problem that you must address as soon as you can. Any unnecessary delay could result in losing your tooth — and maybe a few others along with it. This article will focus on what causes loose teeth and the treatment options available to you.

What Are the Causes of Loose Teeth in Adults?

In adults, a loose tooth does not occur without a reason. You may notice the looseness while flossing or brushing, or your dentist may spot a loose tooth during a routine checkup. In some cases, a loose tooth is due to advanced gum disease. This is when a bacterial infection attacks gums, tissues, and surrounding bones. Gum disease results from poor oral hygiene. If you do not floss or brush daily or if you avoid dental cleaning, tartar can build up underneath the gums. The disease is treatable. When caught early, it is possible to prevent inflammation, kill infection, and restore the health of the mouth.

By When Does a Loose Tooth Heal?

Waiting to schedule a dental visit allows a dental problem to worsen. In severe cases, patients eventually need removal and/or replacement of teeth. Only an experienced dentist will be able to determine what caused the tooth/teeth to start becoming loose. This is why consulting a dentist right away is so essential. The healing time will depend on the underlying cause of the loose tooth.

Tooth Splinting Requires A Few Weeks

Tooth splinting is yet another treatment plan. A splint or a stabilizer is attached to the surface of the loose tooth/teeth. It is then bonded or connected to a strong tooth lying near it. This splint helps ligaments to recover and lose teeth to strengthen. The process lasts for a few weeks.

Nightguard Results Can Be Observed Within a Few Weeks

The next option is a nightguard. A mouthguard is a removable dental device that fits over the teeth. Dentists recommend the device to protect teeth and prevent deterioration brought about by grinding and clenching teeth at night or during sleep (bruxism).

Gum Disease Removal Takes One to Two Months to Heal

This is a more serious condition that requires intense treatment. You will need a thorough cleaning to get rid of the infected bacteria and tissue from the gums, teeth, and mouth. Since this particular treatment is more intense, you will need over a month or two to recover completely.

What Can I Do To Prevent Loose Teeth?

Your first step to prevent loose adult teeth is following daily dental hygiene. This must include brushing twice daily and flossing regularly. Besides, you need to schedule regular checkups to prevent probable loose teeth.

Concluding Thoughts

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