7 Lies Your Dentist Knows You're Telling ThemEveryone tells occasional lies throughout their lives, and lying to your dentist is no exception, although your dentist can tell when you’re lying to them. There are 7 common lies people frequently tell their dentist that can lead to the obstruction of treatment or even negative outcomes while being treated. Here are 7 lies your dentist knows you tell them.

Lie #1: That Doesn’t Hurt

If you’re in pain, it’s best to be honest instead of toughing it out. Your dentist can tell you’re in pain by the wincing, flinching, and contracting of your eyes and tightening of your legs as you brace yourself against the pain. When in pain, your dentist can help with pain management or you can take dentist-approved pain medications before your appointment.

Lie #2: I Don’t Smoke

Your dentist can tell when you smoke as teeth stain due to tobacco usage. Other signs you smoke can be the scent on your clothing or the yellowing around your fingertips, making it difficult to trick your dentist. Using alternative tobacco products like snuff is ill-advised by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as they can cause gum diseases, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Lie #3: I Rarely Drink Soda

Your dentist can tell if you regularly consume soda or other acidic drinks or fruits because they erode away the protective layer of enamel in a particular pattern your dentist can easily identify. Drinking soda regularly can cause various health and dental issues, so it’s best to avoid the beverage altogether or be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth afterward.

Lie #4: I Floss Regularly

Your dentist can tell if you don’t floss regularly from the presence of plaque build-up below or under the gums. Flossing daily can help you avoid gingivitis and other gum diseases.

Lie #5: I Couldn’t Find Your Office

Dentists know many patients are apprehensive or fearful of their dental appointments. However, creating delays in your dental check-up can cause more problems down the road. Your dentist can help you through your anxiety when you tell them the truth.

Lie #6: I Don’t Consume Alcohol Regularly

Regular alcohol usage leaves a distinct smell and creates a dry mouth easily identifiable by your dentist, as alcohol interferes with your salivary glands and their saliva production, contributing to the increased risk of oral cancer. Seek professional help if you are a heavy drinker.

Lie #7: I Don’t Grind My Teeth At Night

You may or may not be aware of it, but frequent headaches and muscle pain around your jaw is a sign of nocturnal bruxism, or the act of grinding your teeth at night. Letting your dentist know of these symptoms can help you get needed treatment, such as a bite guard or dental device to protect your teeth.

Lying to your dentist about your health habits is never the correct approach. Instead, talk with them about these issues as they can help you get the most effective treatment when they know what’s going on.

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