Here's What's Good for Your TeethThe food we eat keeps us healthy and has a great impact on our oral health. Good food builds healthier gums and also helps prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. In this article, we want to inform you about the best diet for your teeth, i.e., what food and beverages would be suitable for you, and what you should avoid.

To improve your oral health holistically, you should consume a diet that has plentiful lean proteins, whole grains, unsaturated fat, and fruits and vegetables. But if your goal is to boost it further, you need to consume some specific foods rich in particular nutrients.

Consume Calcium-rich Foods

Our Mom raced against us throughout our childhood to make us drink a glass of milk, as milk builds strong teeth and bones. Calcium is indispensable to a child’s or teen’s growth and it also helps in preventing tooth decay in later life. Dr Leonard Anglis, DDS explains that a Calcium deficient diet may result in tooth decay. According to a study conducted recently, people who consumed less protein are more likely to suffer from periodontitis than people who take calcium in appropriate amounts. Low calcium intake leads to weak jawbones, which in turn, causes the teeth to become loose. This also leads to the emergence of various gum diseases. So, what’s the ideal calcium intake?

· 1000 mg for women and men under 50.

· 1200 mg for men over 50.

Sources of Calcium: Dairy foods especially- milk, yogurt, and cheese; fish, like- salmon, and sardines with bones; vegetables, like- kale, and broccoli.

Take Vitamin-C Rich Foods

Vitamin C helps the body in repairing connective tissues and fighting infections. In a study, conducted by the State University of New York at Buffalo, those who took less than the recommended intake of 75-90 mg Calcium per day, had a 25 percent greater risk of developing Gingivitis than those who took three times more than the recommended amount.

The RDA recommended intake of Vitamin C can be fulfilled by consuming one piece of citrus fruit (like kiwi, grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, etc.) every day.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Crunchy fruits and vegetables help teeth stay protected against bacteria. When we consume crispy fruit, the crispy texture cleans up the plaque, causing bacteria just like a detergent. And the additional chewing boosts the production of saliva that neutralizes bacteria.

Apples, pears, carrots, celery are some great fruits and veggies.

Sip Tea

Despite staining the teeth, tea can also help suppress or eliminate the growth of bacteria that causes cavities in dental plaque.

Drink as Much Water as You Can

Water flushes out the bacteria and the plaque-causing food remains from the mouth. Tap water is recommended against the bottle’s water as it contains fluoride which prohibits tooth decay.

Avoid these Foods

Sugary snacks like gummy and hard candies always get a big no-no from every dentist. Regular soda also hits dental health badly as it blends acid and sugar together.

Interestingly, these great foods and drinks can also harm teeth as they contain sugar, therefore, brushing and flossing, or at least rinsing is recommended after devouring them. You should brush twice a day and must visit your dentist twice a year.

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