Here's Why Seniors Should Maintain Good Oral HealthAs people grow old, they begin to pay less attention to themselves, even when they should do the exact opposite. Oral care is one of the things that many seniors ignore. Battling other problems makes it almost impossible for many seniors to care for their teeth. On the other hand, many seniors assume that since they are hale and hearty, their oral health must be good as well. And many seniors simply stop caring.

Whatever the reason may be, when seniors stop caring for their oral health, they begin doing themselves great disfavor. Oral health is deeply connected with a person’s overall well-being and therefore, must not be neglected. Oral problems, such as periodontal disease and dry mouth, do not only affect the oral cavity but the entire body and physical health. In this article, we dig deeper into facts like these to explain to negligent seniors why they must pay a visit to their dentist more often.

Bad Oral Hygiene Increases One’s Chances of Developing Pneumonia

Bad oral health leads to pneumonia. When we breathe in the bacteria present in the air, they go from the mouth to the lungs. The only way to fight these bacteria is to indulge in good oral hygiene and constantly clean your mouth. If you know any seniors, make sure they are cleaning their mouth regularly.

Bad Oral Hygiene Also Increases One’s Chances of Developing Heart Issues

Heart health and heart diseases have a strong connection with oral health. Surprised? A study revealed that there is a direct connection between oral problems, such as gingivitis and cavities, and cholesterol. Cholesterol, in turn, is one of the main causes of several heart diseases. Further, not many people know this but people suffering from periodontal diseases are twice more likely to suffer from cardiac problems than people who have healthy teeth. Thus, those seniors who think oral health does not have any connection with other diseases must dig deeper and read more on the topic.

Good Oral Hygiene Can Help Prevent Diabetes

There is also a strong connection between periodontitis and diabetes. People suffering from periodontitis or gum disease are unable to use the insulin produced by the body. Thus, maintaining good oral hygiene can also help prevent diabetes. Gum disease or periodontitis is not just linked to diabetes but several other diseases as well. It is also linked with loss of teeth. Since seniors already have a frail body, weak from fighting age-related issues, they must make it a point to not let oral problems become a concern.


If you know any seniors who neglect their oral health, talk to them and explain to them the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. Set up an appointment and drive them to their dentist if need be, but make sure they are doing everything they must do to keep their mouth, teeth, and their whole body in top shape. Brushing and flossing are important and should not be neglected and equally important are those visits to the dentist that many seniors conveniently ignore for long.

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