Dental Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore

It is tempting to put off seemingly minor dental issues till your schedule starts getting less hectic. But the warning signs that are below must not be taken lightly. It is especially true if you have a chronic health condition, such as diabetes.

You Are Experiencing Toothache and Sensitivity Issues

Here is something you must always remember — never ignore a toothache. Toothache can be a result of a tooth cavity, abscess, damaged filling, or broken teeth. These same factors also cause sensitivity. Thus, if you are experiencing toothache and sensitivity, consult a dentist. They can accurately determine the cause of the problems and prescribe medication.

Gum Bleeding and Discharge

If you ever see blood in your sink or toothbrush frequently, chances are that you are suffering from periodontal disease. Red, swollen gums and discharge from teeth may also indicate periodontal disease. This condition affects tissues that hold the teeth together, and if left untreated, it also leads to bone and tooth loss.

A Dry Mouth Indicates Underlying Health Problems

Saliva easily neutralizes the acids produced by plaque and washes away food particles present in the mouth. Therefore, if you are experiencing dry mouth, you can expect the possibility of various kinds of diseases. Therefore, here is a piece of important advice: if your mouth feels too dry for too long, consult a dentist at the earliest.

Canker Sores That Refuse to Dissolve

Typical canker sores do not last more than about two weeks. Thus, if you see canker sores are taking too long to go away on their own, consult a dentist. Some types of sores are caused by a fungal infection called candidiasis or thrush. These can also affect the tongue, roof of mouth, inner cheeks, and tonsils. and can be dangerous, particularly for diabetic patients. But keep in mind that thrush is treatable. So, consult a dentist when you start observing early signs.

Gaps in the Teeth or Shifting Teeth

If you start observing gaps between your teeth, take it as a warning. Shifting or loose teeth can indicate bone loss. If you also notice the way your teeth fit or if you experience the way your dentures fit, consult a dentist.

You Are Observing Gum Recession

More than 88% of people aged above 65 years experience gum recession. It can also signal gum disease. Gum recession exposes the roots of teeth, making a person susceptible to tooth loss and other infections. So, if you have been experiencing gum recession, consult a dentist for a solution.

Tips to Promote Gum Health

There are a few things you can follow to keep gum diseases at bay. These include the following:

  • Brush twice daily for two minutes and floss once daily
  • Consult a dentist about toothpaste. He/she may recommend a fluoride-based one if you need
  • Avoid using toothbrushes with hard bristles as they can hurt the gums
  • If you use dentures, make sure to clean them daily. Remove the dentures when going to sleep as this can improve your gum health

By detecting the issues early on, you will save yourself both time and money. So, follow the oral hygiene tips and consult a dental expert at the earliest.

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