How to Protect and Keep Your Child’s Teeth HealthyOptimum dental care must begin even before a baby’s first tooth makes an appearance. To know why read the following:

  • Dental care can prevent and help treat clinical manifestations of several pathological processes in the oral cavity and teeth
  • Dental care can build trust in children to accept dental procedures (if needed)
  • Dental care plans guide parents and children regarding how to maintain and preserve their oral health.

Besides prevention, early diagnosis of any existing or potential dental or oral anomaly and timely therapy are crucial. Here’s what each parent can do:

 Schedule An Initial Dental Checkup by Baby’s First Birthday Is Highly Recommended

An initial dental checkup is usually recommended between the third and ninth months after a child is born. Two visits are necessary for the first year. This period is significant for assessing the risk of developing orthodontic anomalies. The visits also help train parents regarding the maintenance of proper dental and oral hygiene in a child.

  • Maintain A Proper Dental Cleaning Routine Right From The Start

Maintaining oral hygiene is one of the most important good habits that should start from the beginning. Children must be taught what it means to maintain oral hygiene. Besides, they must learn to visit their dentist. It also helps overcome fear.

Immediately after the emergence of the child’s deciduous teeth, they can start brushing with a small brush. The dentist can recommend whether they should use toothpaste. The goal of self-brushing is to get the child accustomed to daily oral hygiene. As children grow, their motor skills keep getting enhanced, and brushing becomes more thorough.

Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

The most common disease in children is circular caries or childhood caries. It is a result of irregularities in their diet, including frequent night meals, consumption of sweetened drinks, and prolonged breastfeeding. Equally harmful are finger sucking and the use of baby bottles.

If a child uses a baby bottle, especially at night, the fluid stays on in the mouth, and during sleep, the bacteria in the mouth breaks down sugars and turns them into acids, causing caries. Here are some essential tips all parents can follow:

  • A child must not be allowed to use a bottle or consume sweetened drinks, particularly at night and after brushing their teeth
  • When the baby becomes a year old, they need to start getting used to drinking from a glass or a cup. The aim must be to stop using bottles by the time of the first birthday
  • Limit daily intake of sugar
  • A child shouldn’t eat between meals. Nibbling causes the sugar to be continuously present in the mouth, which causes caries
  • It is imperative to limit the daily intake of sugar
  • Parents need to keep in mind that snacking, even if the snacks are healthy, hampers the natural PH value of the mouth. So, it is essential to keep a check on snacking and washing the mouth thoroughly each time they snack
  • Completely natural and organic juices are recommended. The quantity should be between 100ml and 150 ml daily
  • Parents must try and discontinue using a pacifier after a child turns three. Continuous use of pacifiers beyond the age of two can lead to disorders in teeth arrangement and the occurrence of orthodontic anomalies
  • Children who use a pacifier can also develop the habit of sucking their thumb. This can make the front teeth protruding
  • Parents must gently lift the baby’s top lip once every month to check their mouth. It’s an easy and quick way to see if there is tooth decay.

Concluding Thoughts

Most parents tend to have a tough time judging the extent of dental care their children need. They want to prevent troublesome cavities, but they do not always know-how. This is precisely why a visit to a pediatric dentist is essential. The role of parents is unavoidable, especially in cooperating with the dentist and educating their children.

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