Is It Okay To Go Dental Appointments While Pregnant? Find Out Now!

Is It Okay To Go Dental Appointments While Pregnant? Find Out Now!Pregnancy can be both an exciting and challenging time. As a pregnant woman, it’s very normal for you to experience a host of problems, some of which may impact your dental health. And this is why it’s recommended by health experts that you should never skip your dental appointments even when you are pregnant.

Going for dental exams at this time will allow your dentist to effectively clean your mouth and also carry out dental procedures such as fillings before you give birth. What’s more, it could be the perfect time for your dentist to identify, diagnose and even treat any potential pregnancy-induced oral issues that might come your way.

It’s worth noting that the Dental Association of America, the Gynecologists and Obstetricians Congress Association of America, as well as the Academy of American Pediatrics all, agree that women who are pregnant should receive oral care. After all, your dental health directly impacts your overall health. Today in this post, we want to discuss a few concerns women have regarding visiting a dentist during pregnancy.

When should you inform your dentist about your pregnancy?

Even if you aren’t sure about your pregnancy, just let your dental expert know about it. You will want to inform them about the potential duration of your pregnancy. What’s more, you want to inform them about any drugs you may be using currently. If you are either plagued by some health conditions or your pregnancy is considered high-risk, your doctor, together with your dentist, may decide to stop some treatments!

Does pregnancy affect the health of my mouth?

Research has consistently proven that a significant number of women will not experience any dental problems in the course of their pregnancies. However, it has been established that pregnancy can not only aggravate existing dental issues, but can also trigger new ones. Routine dental examinations coupled with good oral habits are the best way to ensure both you and your baby are free from any oral health concerns.

What about pregnancy gingivitis?

Lots of hormonal changes will certainly take place when you are pregnant. And these changes can impact your mouth’s health. To be more precise, some expectant mums may experience a condition referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. It causes inflammation of your gums, resulting in tenderness and swelling. If not treated on time, gingivitis can easily result in other more serious gum problems.

Does pregnancy increase my risk of tooth decay?

Studies have proven that when you are pregnant, your chances of having dental cavities become even greater. A number of reasons may explain this scenario, including consuming lots of carbs and morning sickness. Morning sickness, in particular, may enhance the amount of acid in your mouth, leading to the erosion of your tooth enamel.

Also, most pregnant mums often tend to abandon their oral care routine for several reasons ranging from soft gums, morning sickness, exhaustion, and a more sensitive gag reflex. It’s imperative to adhere to your normal dental routine during your pregnancy, bearing in mind that poor oral habits have been linked with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction as well as premature birth.

What about pregnancy tumors?

Some expectant mothers may experience tissue overgrowths, a condition also known as pregnancy tumors. These tumors will likely appear on your gums during the 2nd trimester. But it’s worth noting that they are noncancerous and may be caused by excess buildup of plaque. They are prone to bleeding and look like raw raspberries. They will inevitably diminish after the birth of your kid! Of course, don’t hesitate to contact your dental professional should your symptoms persist!


As already explained, you must inform your dentist about any OTC or prescription drugs you are currently using. This will allow your dentist to safely determine what medications you may take in the course of your pregnancy.

Is it safe to take anesthetics while pregnant?

If you require a dental filling, root canal, or dental extraction, note that it is very safe to take numbing medications during any of the above procedures. Research has shown that local anesthetics are safe for both you and your baby.

Are oral X-rays recommended for pregnant women?

It is very safe to have an X-ray while pregnant. And while the chance of radiation from X-ray dental treatment is very minimal, your doctor may guard your mouth using a leaded apron that substantially limits exposure to the abdomen. What’s more, your dentist may have to protect your thyroid against radiation by covering your throat area with a leaded collar!

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