Teeth Sensitivity, Causes, and Treatment OptionsIf either drinking or eating something hot or cold causes your tooth pain, it might mean you are suffering from sensitive teeth. This is a highly prevalent condition that affects nearly 33% of people across the globe. Also known as dentin hypersensitivity, sensitive teeth can trigger a host of problems, ranging from difficulty eating to pain and irritation. Fortunately, this pain is often temporary. However, it can potentially become severe while it lasts. But what causes teeth sensitivity? Continue your reading and get to know.

On most occasions, tooth sensitivity occurs as a result of eroded enamel. However, this isn’t the only cause of this condition. So, let us examine a few possible causes of dentin sensitivity.

Teeth whitening products:

Teeth whitening products have gained lots of popularity in recent years, and you can practically find them virtually everywhere. Unfortunately, most people usually use them without doing the appropriate research. And this means that many people aren’t aware that these products feature peroxide, which is a tooth irritant and a major cause of tooth sensitivity.

Poor oral hygiene:

There is no doubt that most people know the importance of practicing proper oral hygiene. However, research shows that many people often make serious mistakes that eventually end up destroying the enamel. For example, roughly brushing your teeth, using a toothbrush that features relatively hard bristles, and inconsistent flossing can all lead to enamel damage.

Tooth demineralization:

This health problem is triggered by an increased intake of sugary drinks and acidic foods. It has been shown that due to tooth demineralization, tooth enamel will eventually break down, resulting in the whole tooth becoming exposed and susceptible to plaque deposition. The unfortunate side of this is that your enamel won’t grow back! So you should do your very best to ensure you don’t suffer tooth demineralization by avoiding highly acidic foods and sugary drinks.

Teeth grinding:

Teeth grinding is a common problem that millions of people across the globe experience. And if you experience teeth grinding, you will often wake up in the morning with a toothache. What’s more, teeth grinding can easily result in teeth sensitivity because it causes damage to the enamel.

So, how do you tackle tooth sensitivity?

Thanks to the massive advancements in the world of dentistry, today there are numerous effective ways to combat tooth sensitivity, including:

  • Using fluoride gels: It is imperative to note that fluoride gels and fluoride vanishes are simply highly concentrated fluorides that are applied directly to the teeth to help strengthen both the enamel and dentin and minimize teeth sensitivity.
  • Using bonding agents: If exposed teeth cause your teeth sensitivity, you will always get relief from using a bonding agent. They are simply administered at the exposed part of the root to help alleviate both the pain and sensitivity.
  • Using dental sealants: These are resin coatings that are often applied by dentists to your teeth to alleviate sensitivity. However, it’s worth noting that these will only offer temporary relief even though they can be long-lasting. You should have your dentist examine them more regularly to ensure they serve you for an extended period.
  • Using mouth guards: If your sensitive teeth symptoms are triggered by teeth grinding, you should consider the use of a mouth guard. While they are available at virtually any store, you can ask your dentist for a customized dental guard that perfectly fits into your mouth.
  • Root canal: It’s worth noting that this should be explored as the last possible option. Root canal dental procedure involves the removal of the nerve or pulp that’s behind your sensitive teeth problems.

Teeth sensitivity is a relatively prevalent dental problem that currently affects lots of people across the globe. However, you don’t have to suffer from this condition anymore! There are a host of potential treatment options for sensitive teeth, which we have discussed in detail in this post. You only need to consult your dental specialist to help choose the best option for you!

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