Some Reasons Why You Should Give up Tobacco ConsumptionSmoking is harmful to health — we have all come across this ubiquitous statement. However, those of us who are addicted to tobacco (cigarettes as well as chewing products) conveniently choose to ignore these lines. Therefore, we have decided to devote this article to discuss in detail the harmful effects of tobacco on oral health.

Tobacco Consumption Hits One’s Self-Confidence

It is no surprise that tobacco causes teeth to become discolored and stained. You can tell whether a person smokes or indulges in tobacco consumption merely by looking at their teeth – yellow and stained teeth speak for themselves. Tobacco consumption, therefore, also often leads to diminished confidence. People with stained teeth smile or laugh sheepishly, trying their best to hide their teeth.

Tobacco consumption does not only cause stained teeth but also bad breath. This is another reason why people who consume tobacco products suffer from low confidence. The problem is one cannot get rid of the bad breath caused by tobacco products by practicing good oral hygiene.

If you are someone who suffers from low self-confidence due to this specific problem, you must completely give up tobacco consumption. Also, set up an appointment with your dentist and undergo the teeth whitening procedure. These days, most people go for teeth whitening and bleaching to give themselves the perfect smile. Unfortunately, tobacco consumption is detrimental to all of this good work done by dentists. Tobacco consumers cannot have their pearly whites stay pearly white for long. So, if you want to gain back your confidence, consider giving up tobacco consumption completely.

Tobacco Consumers Are Unable to Enjoy Their Food as Normal People Do

Tobacco consumption is also linked with diminished olfactory sensor activity. What does this mean? This simply means that people who consume tobacco are unable to enjoy their food as normal people do. Why? Our tongue has taste receptors. The nicotine and tar released by tobacco diminish the true capabilities of taste receptors as well as olfactory sensors, thereby disallowing a tobacco consumer from fully enjoying their food.

Tobacco Consumers Also Take Longer to Heal from Dental Diseases and Problems

Smokers and people who consume tobacco products do not only encounter diminished olfactory sensors and taste receptors activity but also take far longer to recover from oral diseases as tobacco consumption causes tooth decay as well as gum inflammation, both of which impediment the healing process.

Tobacco Consumption Is One of the Leading Causes of Oral Cancer

Tobacco consumption is one of the primary causes of oral cancer. Several different studies have provided ample proof that people who indulge in tobacco consumption are far more likely to develop oral cancer than people who don’t smoke or chew tobacco. Oran cancer is a life-threatening condition, especially when detected at an advanced stage.


Consuming tobacco is one of the worst things you can do to your physical and oral health. Thus, if you smoke or consume tobacco in any other form, quit today, and then set up an appointment with your dentist to see what can be done about the damage tobacco consumption has already done.

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