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How to Protect and Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Optimum dental care must begin even before a baby's first tooth makes an appearance. To know why read the following: Dental care can prevent and help treat clinical manifestations of several pathological processes in the oral cavity and teeth Dental care can build trust in children to accept dental procedures (if needed) Dental care plans guide [...]

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HPS Dental Discusses Cavities in Children

Hi. I'm Dr. Heather Pranzarone Stratton at HPS Advanced Dental Care. We're located in Macomb County, Michigan. I wanted to talk about a lot of questions we get from some of our parents about their children, in honor of Children's National Dental Health Month, which is in February. They ask a lot, if my child [...]

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Your Child’s Developing Smile

February is National Children's Dental Health Month. In the spirit of Children's Dental Health Month we wanted to bring you some information that we feel is important for you to know. We often get many questions from parents about their children’s developing smile regarding what to expect and how best to care for them. Below is more information that can be helpful as you help your child maintain proper oral health as they grow. Remember Mom and Dad, good oral health habits begin at home with you. As you well know, your children are constantly watching and learning from you. Studies have shown that children whose parents have poor oral health habits and do not visit the dentist regularly will grow up with the same belief and neglect their oral health. Poor oral health has been linked to serious health conditions including heart disease and diabetes. Let’s all work together to be role models and teachers for our children and encourage good oral health so that wonderful smile that warms your heart will last for their lifetime! Tips to maintain Tip Top Teeth throughout you Child’s life: * Infants and Toddlers: After every feeding, wipe your baby’s gums either with a clean, wet gauze pad or a washcloth. This removes plaque and residual food that can harm erupting teeth. * Toddlers: Brush and floss your child’s teeth until the child has developed the necessary skills to do so themselves. * Bring your child with to your next dental reservation so they may become acquainted and comfortable with the office, the dentist and the staff. Also schedule your child’s first reservation with the dentist early (around 1 year old)…Good habits can never start too early!

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A Child’s Poor Oral Health Can Take a Bite Out of Learning

Dental caries (tooth decay) is the single most common chronic childhood disease – 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever.  Recent studies have also shown a link between oral disease and low birth weight, cardiovascular disease, respiratory infection, and diabetes.  All of this reinforces what we have all [...]

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