Why Men Must Maintain Oral HygieneMost men do not take care of their physical health. It is not very surprising that they neglect oral health too. In this article, we will be discussing how men expose themselves to lethal diseases by ignoring some of the most common oral hygiene tips:

Regular Dental Check-Ups to Fight Periodontal Diseases

Regular dental check-ups are essential to get rid of the plaque that inevitably accumulates over teeth and gums. Removing plaque is crucial as it leads to periodontal disease, a condition that causes the production of acids that damage gums and teeth. These acids are harmful. These destroy the fiber that holds the teeth and gum together. When that happens, bacteria find ways to crawl into gums and cause bleeding and swelling.

Periodontal disease causes bad breath and other lethal conditions, including stroke and heart diseases. Further, men tend to drink more than women. Those who drink frequently are more prone to developing periodontal disease. For these reasons, men must also start caring about their oral hygiene more than women.

Frequent Dental Check-Ups Ensure Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Studies suggest that men are more prone to getting oral cancer than women. These researches also show that men aged about 40 or above are 95% more likely to get oral cancer. Oral cancer affects the oral cavity, including the lips, tongue, gums, floor of the mouth, and soft and hard palate.

Oral cancer is curable only when detected at an early stage. If detected late or treatment is delayed, it can result in chronic pain, facial and oral disfigurement, and in rare cases, even death. Tobacco has 28 kinds of cancer-causing ingredients. Men chew and smoke tobacco more than women generally do. This is why men need to be serious about their dental hygiene and never skip a dental appointment. During dental check-ups, dentists are on the lookout for all signs of oral cancer. Thus, this is how dental check-ups increase the chances of early diagnosis of oral cancer.

Dental Check-Ups Help Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

About 600,000 individuals die of heart diseases in the U.S. each year. Of these over half of the people are men. Unfortunately, most men do not realize that bad oral hygiene leads to heart diseases. People with gum diseases suffer from thickened or thick blood vessels that can increase one’s chances of strokes, heart problems, and high blood pressure. Men who care about their cardiovascular health must see a dentist from time to time.

Dentists Provide Solutions for Dry Mouth

Studies show that men tend to develop more heart diseases than women. Those who take medications for heart conditions can develop a common condition: dry mouth. Dry mouth results from medication that tends to inhibit saliva flow inside the mouth. Saliva plays a critical role inside the mouth. For instance, saliva can reduce cavity-causing bacteria by maintaining optimum pH balance inside the mouth. However, if you visit the dentist, he/she can help relieve dry mouth.

Concluding Thoughts

Men are more susceptible to most dental problems. Thus, men must be more careful. They must develop an oral hygiene plan and never miss a routine dental appointment.

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