Many dental patients report that dentures are comfortable to wear most of the time, and having them in good working order is essential to a high quality of life.  Although dentures can last a long time, they won’t last forever.  As denture teeth wear down and the gums shrink as we age, dentures may need to be replaced.  Generally, replacing your dentures every 5-7 years would be best.

Your Dentures Feel Loose or Fall Out

It’s an unfortunate reality that some denture wearers must deal with uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures.  Our jawbones remain strong and dense due to the stimulation our teeth create.  When teeth are missing, the stimulation is no longer there, making the gum ridge thin and weak.   Over time, a denture made to fit the original shape of the mouth will begin to slip when talking or eating.

You’re Finding it’s Difficult to Speak or Eat

New denture wearers may find that they feel uncomfortable when speaking.  They may hear a clicking sound or have trouble pronouncing “f” or “s” sounds. It does take some time for the muscles in your lips, cheeks, and tongue to adjust to the denture.  However, if you’ve been wearing them for several years without issues and have difficulty eating and speaking, it may be time to have your dentist evaluate your situation.

You Have Sores Along Your Gum-line

You may be happy with the fit of your denture, but if your gums become irritated a develop sores, it may be time to replace them.  As previously mentioned, denture teeth wear down as we age, and our gums shrink and change shape.  A common cause for sore gums is that food particles can get stuck between your dentures and gums if the dentures do not fit properly.  Even if they fit properly, you may still be able to get in between the denture and your gums.

Your Dentures are Damaged

Some damage to your denture is inevitable and may occur with regular wear.  If your denture was improperly fitted, it may be misaligned and undergoing undue stress as you bit down. Damage can also occur by leaving them out to dry, brushing them with toothpaste with abrasive ingredients, using household cleaners to clean them, bending, adjusting, or using a DIY Denture repair kit. If damage does occur, we recommend you gather up anything that has fallen off and contact your local dentist to evaluate the extent of the damage. In some cases, a broken or chipped denture tooth can be repaired.  If the damage is extensive, it is time for the denture to be replaced.

Your Dentures are Discolored

Discoloration of your denture is a good reason to have them replaced.  It is possible to prevent discoloration with a daily cleaning routine using a soft toothbrush and denture paste. Soaking them overnight in a denture cleaning solution or water.  You may also want to purchase a fast-acting cleaner and then soak them overnight. However, even with proper care, your denture may still become discolored over time.  This is particularly true if you drink much tea, coffee, or wine. If your dentures are permanently discolored, it’s time to replace them.

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