Everything You Need to Know About Bad BreathHow do I know I have bad breath?

It’s hard not to notice bad breath. Have people been steeping away from you when you talk to them? Do people turn their cheek when kissing them goodbye?

To be sure, lick the inside of your wrist and sniff. If the wrist smells terrible, you can be sure your breath is not fresh either. You can also be bold and ask a good friend.

What causes bad breath?

Persistent bad breath is usually caused by bacteria on the coat of your teeth, tongue, and gums. Also, bits of food remain caught on the tongue or between the teeth can rot and cause an unpleasant smell. Spicy foods and coffee can also worsen the problem. You can prevent this by brushing your teeth and tongue correctly and regularly.

Tooth decay and gum diseases can also cause bad taste and bad breath. Regular dental visits will help detect such problems before they worsen.

Other causes of bad bread include xerostomia (dry mouth and medicines. Your dental team may prescribe an artificial saliva product if you suffer from dry mouth. In addition, medical conditions such as infections in the lungs, nose, throat, and kidney or liver problems can cause bad breath.

Can smoking cause bad breath?

Yes. Tobacco negatively impacts your dental health. In addition to causing bad breath, smoking causes loss of taste, gum irritation, and staining. It also places you at a greater risk of developing mouth cancer and heart diseases. Talk to your dentist or healthcare professional to get help on stopping smoking.

Can I prevent bad breath?

Yes, you can keep your breath fresh by regularly cleaning your teeth and tongue. Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue at night and at least once during the day with fluoride toothpaste. Plus, use a mouthwash with antibacterial agents to freshen your breath and remove any food that remains stuck on your teeth. You can also chew sugar-free gum to keep your mouth from drying out.

If bad breath persists even after taking all the above hygienic measures, speak to your dentist.

How can I prevent bad breath if I have dentures?

You need to clean your dentures the same way you clean your natural teeth. Any bits of food on your dentures can cause rot. Therefore, have a separate toothbrush for cleaning your dentures. Also, clean your dentures over a bowl of water (a precaution if you drop them).

If you notice a buildup of scale or stains, take them to a dental team for professional cleaning.

How can I politely tell someone they have bad breath?

If you have a friend or a colleague with bad breath, you may shy away from telling them the truth as you don’t want them to be embarrassed or offended. However, it’s always better to tell them the truth to prevent their condition from worsening.

You could leave a leaflet on their desk or speak to a family member. Remember that bad breath may be caused by an underlying medical condition. Therefore, it’s always better to tell them the truth.

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