Here at HPS Advanced Dental the question of “what is holistic dentistry and how is it different than traditional dentistry” comes up quite a bit. The truthful answer is that each dentist office is unique and practices in a manner which is unique to that office and there isn’t one particular dental office which can be placed into the category of holistic while another office is placed in the conventional category.

To better explain, the major differences, it is essential to realize the meaning of holistic. The name comes from the word “whole”, meaning all. Dentists who practice true holistic dentistry will be concerned with not only the traditional concerns of dentists, but about the overall health of the patient. We at HPS call this practice, total health and wellness.

As a dentist, it is important to know that the mouth can be a place for symptoms of other illness to show. For an illustration of this, read our  related post at (, I was able to have my very own son diagnosed as well as treated at a very early stage as a result of the holistic view I take on dentistry. At our office, we take into account and operate with your other doctors, to guarantee total, overall wellbeing.

A major factor in practicing dentistry is to be mercury free. In conventional dentistry, mercury amalgam fillings are thought of as having a long lifespan and this usually is covered by insurance companies. A dentist who places mercury fillings will state that according to the ADA and FDA, the fillings are secure and stabilized and that they only leak pretty small amounts of mercury. However, to a holistic dentist, these risks of even really tiny amounts of mercury are too great of a risk simply because mercury is a toxin in which even very small amounts could do damage to the body and overall health. At a holistic dental office, composite fillings get placed rather than mercury, and if mercury fillings already exist in the patient’s mouth, there are extremely precise safety guidelines for removal that are followed.

Another major factor of holistic dentistry is bio-compatibility testing of materials that will be used. A holistic dentist believes that the entire body can be impacted by something which is placed in the mouth, and therefore, they provide on-site testing to determine which of the various materials is ideal for the procedure being performed. This is different from a traditional dental office, where typically the difference between the various materials is not explained and which material is chosen for the procedure is not given as an option.

These are just two of the differences between holistic dentistry and traditional dentistry. The main difference, however, is that traditional dentistry treats symptoms in the teeth and gums and tries to prevent the symptoms from occurring again and holistic dentistry treats the underlying problems that are causing the symptoms, which in turn, will prevent the symptoms from occurring again. Holistic dentistry is a practice in total health and wellness.

Shelby Township Dental Office Explains What Holistic Dentistry Is.

When searching for a dentist that best fits your needs, make sure you ask a lot of questions. After all, it is your health and your mouth. If you would like more information on holistic dentistry or to schedule a consultation give us a call at 248-652-0024.

Shelby Township Dental Office Explains What Holistic Dentistry Is.