Holistic Dentistry - Shelby Township, MIHave you ever gone to the dentist and felt like something just wasn’t right? Maybe it was the way your teeth were cleaned or maybe you thought that there had to be another option for caring for your dental issue. Whatever the case may be, these kind of experiences are what often make patients nervous about visiting the dentist. Too many people have had bad experiences with their dentist. We recognize that and want to make your experience in our office as pleasant as possible. That is where holistic dentistry comes into the picture. Holistic dentistry is quickly becoming a popular way to care for not just your mouth, but your entire well-being while you are at the dentist.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry or wellness dentistry is a way of caring for your teeth that takes into account not just the health of your mouth, but also the well-being and health of your mind and body. When practicing holistic dentistry, our focus is to ensure that your mouth is healthy, the treatments used are safe and well researched, and that the treatment is considerate of your entire body, not just your mouth.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Work?

We believe that there are smarter ways to care for your mouth that are more natural and are based on solid science, not just tradition and the old way of doing things. For most patients, that means utilizing traditional dental techniques with natural and less intrusive methods of caring for your mouth. Wellness dentistry also means that we use products in our office that are free of allergens, heavy metals, and are safe for the environment. It is important that caring for your mouth makes you feel good and won’t have long term impacts on your health or Earth.

What Can You Expect from Holistic Treatment?

If your mouth is healthy, you may not notice much of a difference in the way we care for your teeth. However, one of the basic principles of holistic dentistry is a gentle touch. We will still clean your teeth the same, but our techniques will be softer and easier on your mouth and your peace of mind. Your cleaning will be comfortable and hopefully relaxing because we don’t poke, yank and scrape at your teeth in the traditional, rough fashion. We know that there are better ways to clean your teeth. If you are having other procedures such as fillings, you won’t see any Mercury amalgam fillings from this office. Mercury is harmful for your body and the environment, so we choose to keep it out of our practice. Other things you may notice is that we avoid latex gloves and products that contain latex. Many patients don’t know they have a latex allergy, so to protect them from the discomfort of an allergy attack, holistic dentistry practices use non-latex products.

This is About You

When it comes right down to it, holistic dentistry understands that no two patients are alike. Your reaction to medications, or how you feel during a procedure is completely different than the next patient we will see. Holistic or wellness dentistry is a personalized approach to dentistry, taking into account each patient’s needs, physiology, and psychology. Holistic dentistry also has a strong emphasis on using practices that come with quality scientific research. For you, this means that your care will be personalized and should be the most comfortable dental experience of your life.

Holistic dentistry is the new and improved way of caring for your teeth. Its focus on the whole body gives you a dental experience that not only leaves your mouth in great condition but you feeling stress-free.

For More Information on Holistic Dentistry in Shelby Twp., MI

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